The Band

Bish Bash - Brain | Live @ NIG ROCK Festival, Germany 2022
ביש בש בבארבי - Bish Bash @ Barby
Bish Bash - Doctor - ביש בש
Bish Bash - Social Skills - ביש בש
Bish Bash - Must Be Joking - ביש בש
Bish Bash - Soldier - ביש בש
Bish Bash - Brain - ביש בש
Bish Bash - Beauty Queen - ביש בש


Bish Bash is a fun oriented pop-rock trio from Tel Aviv. The band sings in English with a heavy-but-proud Hebrew Accent.

Bish Bash started in early 2018 in an underground bomb shelter that was transformed into a rehearsal room.

So far the Trio released two EPies, a single and two Live show video series.

Bish Bash are playing intensively in Clubs and Festivals across Israel, and set their gaze abroad.

Bish Bash are: Almog Ben Harosh (Drums), Merav Tzour (Bass) and Ronen Braten (Guitar)

“Bish Bash is the most fun and interesting Israeli band at the moment” - Timeout magazine

“It's like Primus and Talking Heads had a baby and It’s this band” - Bob Galewski, Moment of Eclection


Upcoming Events

  • הופעת צהריים בפאב הקרן - חיפה
    21 במאי 2021, 14:00
    Haifa, Sirkin St 5, Haifa, Israel
  • ביש בש במצפה רמון - פאב הברך
    יום ה׳, 13 במאי
    Mitzpe Ramon
    13 במאי 2021, 21:00
    Mitzpe Ramon, Har Boker St 10/1, Mitzpe Ramon, 80600, Israel


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